3 Affordable Exotic Vacations

Posted on May 25, 2016

exotic vacationArpin Travel Services surprises customers all the time when they call looking for an exotic vacation and find there are many places they can travel to at an affordable price. Being a travel agency in Massachusetts means we’re constantly researching for places our customers are hoping to travel, and some to places they have never been! We have three countries you might consider for your next big trip on a low budget.

The Philippines. If you’re searching for a vacation where you will be on your feet and trying new things, you should consider a trip to the Philippines. With beautiful beaches, you can relax in the sand or take advantage of the many activities they have in the water. Go as high as the Mayon volcano or take a trip through the Pureto Princesa, you are sure to see some miraculous and beautiful sights.

Thailand. Though being in the capital, Bangkok, can be pricier than some other cities, Thailand is a beautiful location to travel. Accommodations, food, and even activities are often significantly cheaper than other countries, and you are given an opportunity to get closer to the wild. Whether it comes to viewing exotic animals, visiting national parks, or even gazing upon many of the beautiful beaches, you will never be disappointed.

India. Cities like Goa have a lot to offer someone who is looking to try more than just beaches on a budget. With gorgeous coastlines to country hillsides to an extensive nightlife, cities like this in a country like India allows you the best of all words, all while keeping a majority of your money in your pockets.

Regardless if you are looking for a travel agent in Massachusetts to book a more traditional vacation or an exotic vacation, Arpin is happy to help. Our experts love to show our customers new and exciting places for them to visit, and are excited to help you on this journey. With more questions, give us a call today at (508) 883-1013.


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