5 Countries on Every Backpackers Bucket List

Posted on May 20, 2016

When many consider investing in an exotic vacation, their budget is soon swallowed by hotel fees and food. Arpin Travel Services have been working with travelers long enough to know that there is so much offered local travel agencyin other countries around the world at exceptional prices. For those looking to explore an area on a budget, we have 5 countries you should consider backpacking through for your next exotic vacation.

Thailand. An inexpensive option, Thailand is known for their islands and beaches. Khao Yai National Park, jungle adventures, and old cities are at your disposal. As one of the top vacation spots in Asia, Thailand has plenty to offer to any traveler on a budget.

Nepal. Known for their Hindu temples and holy land, Nepal has many of great options for travel. Visit Pokhara if you’re searching for city life, or commit to hiking around eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world located in this country.

Costa Rica. When you think of Costa Rica, many think of the expensive resorts and activities, but it doesn’t have to be solely about those destinations. Many lesser visited national parks are reasonably priced, and are often thought to be more beautiful than more expensive options.

Peru. Known for having inexpensive, delicious options for meals, Peru has beautiful mountains and coastlines to visit on a moderate budget. Top destinations for backpackers include Lima, Arequipa, the Inca Trail, and Lake Titicaca.

New Zealand. As a growing attraction for backpackers, New Zealand has worked to provide clean hostels and transportation for their visitors. From multi-day hikes to the attractions of Nelson’s Abel Tasman National park, there are no shortage of activities.

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