5 Signs You Need a Vacation

Posted on April 30, 2016

Europe Vacations from Arpin TravelTravel agencies near Boston will talk to clients daily about future vacation plans, and Arpin Travel has spoke to plenty of clients in the past weeks that sound as if they need a vacation. It sits in their voice, and we understand the feeling. Winter months can get the best of anyone, and finding a way to escape for even a weekend is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. If you’re finding yourself in any of these 5 situations, you should consider rewarding yourself with a vacation.


  1. Your days feel mundane and repetitive. Sometimes, the cold weather gets to us. One morning we wake up and can’t figure out where the weekend went or how we’ve made it halfway through the week. Breaking up your routine might be exactly what you need.
  2. Your emotions are seeping into your workspace. If you find yourself being asked by your co-workers why you’re so down, or if they can do anything to help you, you might consider a few days to yourself- or maybe a week in a different country.
  3. You feel stressed about simple tasks. Whether it’s annoyance or because there has been no break in your constant schedule, a little time off can help you refocus and remember why you love your job so much.
  4. You’re restless. Did you leg start bouncing under your desk as you read that sentence, but have no clue how to rid yourself of the energy? Maybe you need to rid that energy somewhere warm and on a beach.
  5. You’re unmotivated. Maybe you’ve lost the will to do your best at work, or call your friends back, or leave the house to go to the gym. People get in these slumps, and what better way to inspire yourself than prepare for an exotic vacation?


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