5 Underrated Cities to Travel to in Europe

Posted on March 30, 2016

European vacation
A European vacation sounds great as the end of the year closes in, and what a great gift it would be for someone you love. You could visit the standard European cities such as Rome and Paris, but an even greater adventure is the unknown. Arpin Travel Service is here to help you book the escapade of your dreams, and we have a few suggestions for some incredibly wonderful and underrated cities to spend time in while traveling abroad.


  • Ferrara, Italy. This biking city is known for it’s quiet side streets, beautiful architecture, and the Castello Estense fortress. As a culturally historic city, there are cathedrals and museums to visit that enrich you in the deep past of Ferrara, not to mention the beautiful views.
  • Biarritz, France. As a seaside city, this is a wonderful sightseeing area of France that offers Cote des Basques, lighthouses, and the second oldest golf courses in the country. Biarritz is full to the brim with locally owned shops and restaurants for you to dine and get a true taste of French culture.
  • Bruges, Belgium. Bruges intricate canal system that connects to the North Sea is known for it’s romanticism and beauty. Museums, small churches, and restaurants are offered in the less crowded parts of the city while the city’s central square offers gothic architecture and history. Not to mention Zeebrugge Beach, which is equally as stunning.
  • Porto, Portugal. Look at one picture from the rooftop of any home on the hills overlooking the Douro River, and you can see the beauty that is Porto. Recognized for their wine, pastries, friendly citizens, and architecture, this is a great place to visit for relaxation.
  • Budapest, Hungary. Budapest might be most noted for it’s various styles of architecture, but offers so much more. Known for their food, hot springs, the Great Synagogue, ruin pubs, and wine, Budapest is an affordable city for any European vacation.


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