First Time Traveler? Tips From Your Massachusetts Travel Agency

Posted on August 15, 2020

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While 2020 isn’t working in favor of travelers, it’s not stopping us either! Although international travel may be on hold, planning your trip doesn’t have to be. So, first off, congratulations on finally doing it! You’ve taken the leap and committed to getting a little more out of life by taking your first trip! As the premier travel agency in Massachusetts, our team is always excited to be part of the adventures of a first time traveler.

Whether you’re crossing off the long awaited Ireland vacation from your bucket list or planning a river cruise vacation, being prepared is crucial. As you know, every culture is different and knowing what to expect will ensure an enjoyable time away!

Don’t overpack

Overpacking, especially when traveling to multiple locations, will leave you struggling with unneeded weight. One of the best ways to test your luggage’s weight is to pack your essentials and tote your luggage around your home. If you’re finding it too hard to drag your suitcase from room to room in your home, it will be too heavy for any vacation.

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Overscheduling is not your friend

Sometimes, we get a little excited about planning our vacation and overfill the schedule. Finding yourself rushing from one activity to the next is a sure way to ruin a good time. Although there may be a lot to see, spreading your time and allowing for wiggle room is always the best option. You’ll be happier experiencing a few places rather than sprinting through too many.

Local folk are your friends

There are no better resources in an unknown place than the people who know it best. Local residents of any community offer the best advice on where to dine, must-see locations, and the best activities to participate in. Don’t be afraid to ask, most will help with no hesitation!

Research the currency and cost

It is one thing to prepay for hotels, airfare, and other fixed expenses, but always prepare for added expenses. For example, if you’re staying in a location that provides the opportunity to store snacks and beverages in your room, you may be shocked at the conversion rate. Dining out, excursions, and even souvenirs are other examples of items you need to prepare for when traveling to a foreign country.

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Be aware of your surroundings

Finally, and the most crucial parts of your vacation, is that you remain safe. Being aware of your surroundings will limit your vulnerability, especially when traveling for the first time. Keep an eye on your valuables, and trust your gut if you ever feel something is out of place.

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