All-Inclusive Exotic Vacation Options

Posted on March 14, 2018

exotic vacationsAre you looking for exotic vacations this year? You have a couple of options—take a look to decide which is best. Would you rather travel the world on a cruise, or stay on land at an all-inclusive resort?

Both a cruise and a resort offer a beautiful getaway where you can relax by a pool or in a luxurious room. Both options usually provide quality childcare, so your kids can be entertained with their daily activities, as well as excursions to discover new cities and exotic places.


A cruise allows you to travel and see a lot of different places on exotic vacations. You’ll be able to rest on a boat each night and wake up in a new city each morning. A cruise also has all meals included and onboard entertainment included in your ticket cost, so you won’t need to worry about where to eat or what to do. Cruises also tend to be very organized and offer scheduled activities for the whole family. These are all optional, but an excellent idea for people who love planning.

The downside of cruises for many people is the idea of being out on the water. If you get seasick easily, you may not want to vacation on a cruise ship.


An all-inclusive resort lets you stay at one place for your entire vacation. If you’d prefer a more laidback environment, then the retreat is perfect for your vacation style. Many all-inclusive resorts include unlimited beach time and alcohol included in the cost. If you want to rest on the shores with a drink in your hand, this can be the perfect getaway. If you enjoy water sports or activities, you’ll want to stay at a resort where you’re able to indulge in these often.

The downside of all-inclusive resorts is the cost. In general, these have a higher upfront fee than cruises, and not everyone believes they are worth the price.

There is no right answer for which exotic vacations are best. It depends on your vacationing style and what you’re looking for in your trip. No matter what kind of vacation you want, a dedicated travel agent can help you make it perfect. Contact Arpin Travel today to get started!

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