Cities to Visit in the Winter Months

Posted on December 15, 2020

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It isn’t uncommon that New Englanders wish to escape the harsh winter. Heading to remote locations filled with sun, warmth, and tiny cocktails with umbrellas is generally exactly what your soul calls for. However, changing up the norm and vacationing in a similar climate is exactly what you need. As the go-to travel agent in MA, Arpin Travel Service loves taking our clients outside of their comfort zones by introducing new ideas.

Although many locations remain off-limits during this unprecedented time, it’s never too soon to start planning your next getaway. Remember, not every vacation requires snow. Some places are most beautiful during the offseason. And sometimes- the most beautiful time of the year is winter. We have a few places you might want to consider traveling to enjoy some low-key, yet anything but disappointing wintertime fun.

  • Malmo, Sweden

Malmo is already a beautiful city on its own, but once you visit their traditional markets in the winter, you’ll fall in love. Offering a variety of excellent restaurants and historical monuments such as St. Peter’s Church, Malmohus Castle, and Slottsparken, the winter décor will wisp you away to another time.

  • Aspen, Colorado

Although Colorado may seem too close to home, it is still a getaway! And, one that impresses any time of the year! If you’re in the mood to ski or snowboard on some of the most beautiful mountains in the country, while enjoying excellent food, Aspen is your place.

  • London, England

As a well-known tourist attraction during the warmer months, London is a must. However, we bet you haven’t seen Big Ben under a light blanket of snow. The cold wintry weather enhances the incredible architecture and beautiful views of this popular city.

  • Bern, Switzerland

Known for its suburb ski resorts, Bern offers so many options that one could return time and time again without ever becoming bored. While there, consider spending a night in an igloo or snowshoe with your loved ones through the beautiful trails.

  • Gullfoss, Iceland

Iceland is known for the spectacular display of Northern Lights. Combined with a trip to the Gullfoss waterfall, you’ll want to have your camera ready at all times!

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At Arpin Travel, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime. And, an unconventional vacation might be just what you need! As the go-to travel agent in MA, we’ve helped hundreds create the winter getaway they didn’t know they wanted!

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