Dealing With Summer 2020 Travel Plans

Posted on June 15, 2020

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While this year is certainly throwing a curve-ball on several planned trips, people are left scrambling for what’s next. As the premier travel agency in Massachusetts, our team at Arpin Travel would like to take this moment to provide a few helpful tips to guide you through this unprecedented vacation season.



Don’t give up!

One of the worst things anyone can do during these times is to give up! Let’s face it; we need a vacation! Regardless of the current events, we are human, and we require breaks to refresh. Throwing in the towel and canceling all travel plans this year is just not an option! However, we must be flexible and accept that our exotic vacations may be on hold for the moment. BUT that doesn’t mean vacation can’t happen!



Scale it back

While many tourist attractions across the country begin to open, there are strict guidelines they must follow. For example, if you’re considering a family trip to Disney, expect to wear a mask throughout your duration in the parks. If you’re escaping for an exotic vacation to Hawaii, be prepared for a 14-day quarantine before you’re able to venture outdoors.

While these guidelines may change at any moment, it may be best to scale the plans back this year. It’s the perfect time to discover the adventure that awaits close to home but still far enough away to call it a vacation!



Think outside the box

While many of us correlate vacation with plane rides and exotic adventures, 2020 is requiring us to think outside the box. Sure, it may not be the vacation of our dreams, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing! Your local travel agency in Massachusetts will take the time to assess your vacation requirements and create an itinerary that will exceed your expectations! However, it’s crucial to remember that during these times, flexibility is key to enjoying your must needed getaway.


travel agency Massachusetts



In New England, we’re fortunate to have endless beaches, natural beauty, and a myriad of outdoor adventures available. From secluded lake cottages to dirt-covered outdoor adventures, the possibilities are truly endless.


As always, our team at Arpin Travel remains your go-to travel agency in Massachusetts. For assistance with questions or planning your 2020 getaway, contact us at (508) 883-1013.

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