4 Reasons to Book a River Cruise Vacation

Posted on March 15, 2020

river cruise vacation


Often, the word cruise is associated with a multi-level ship that sets sail across the sea. From domestic to international ports, cruises are excellent ways to travel the world in luxury. However, a river cruise vacation is even better. Adventure, luxury, and personalized travel experience are just a few ways to describe a river cruise. Sure, you can travel the world river by river experiencing a new side of tourism. But, you can also see the inner workings of your country in the same exciting experience.



Alaska is one of the world’s most popular destinations, and for good reason. With front-row seats to untouched landscapes and thousands of species of wildlife, a river cruise through Alaska is an incomparable experience. From whale sightings to hiking through luscious green forests, sunsets and Northern Lights, disappointing is one word that won’t fit into this trip.



Mississippi River

Possibly the most famous river in the country, the Mississippi River not only charms with its southern hospitality but provides some of the most diverse experiences in river cruise vacations. History, music and cultural food will embrace visitors and invite you to slow down and enjoy each moment. From New Orleans to St. Louis, you’ll travel through America’s heartland.


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East Coast

The East Coast has some of the most historic sites in the United States. With river cruises through Maine, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charleston, and Philadelphia, you can explore a side of history in luxury. Although anytime is an opportune time to visit these sites, a river cruise through New England in the fall season is one that’s camera-worthy.




Through canyons and waterfalls, vineyards, and wildlife, a river cruise through the Midwest is definitely bucket-list worthy. Travel the original route of Lewis and Clark in luxury as you soak in the sun and fall into the peacefulness of the old country.




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If domestic travel is in your future, it’s time to consider a river cruise vacation. With a variety of routes and options for everyone, our team at Arpin Travel is here to help you plan the perfect getaway. Contact us today to schedule your luxury river cruise (508) 883-1013.

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