Family Vacations That Aren’t Disney

Posted on September 26, 2017

travel agent maFor many out there who are considering a family vacation, Disney World or Disney Land are the first destinations that come to mind. Though there is nothing wrong with celebrating your time off with Mickey and Minnie, there are others who want to consider a family-friendly trip that is a little different. As a travel agent business in MA, Arpin Travel Services would love to make a few alternative suggestions:

Martha’s Vineyard

Looking to stay close to home? Martha’s Vineyard is located off of Cape Cod is a perfect getaway that doesn’t require lots of travel. This charming and historical island hosts a variety of festivals and events ideal for families and has beautiful beaches to relax on with your children during the summer.

Yellowstone National Park

If adventure is what you want, Yellowstone will give it to you no matter where you are in the park. With nearly 3,500 square miles to explore, there is so much to see. From forests to canyons to the famous Old Faithful geyser, you will get to experience all the beauty Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana have to offer.

Washington, D.C.

An educational vacation is perfect for many families, and is the adventure of a lifetime! There dozens of impressive (and free) museums to explore, national monuments to bask in, and great places to eat. Let your children’s imaginations run wild as they learn about the history of our country and learn!

North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Looking for something a little more exotic for your next vacation? The Outer Banks are the barrier islands off North Carolina’s shores are the perfect holiday destination. With hundreds of miles of beaches, access to state parks, and other fun activities, there is plenty for you and your family to do!

Niagara Falls

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Ontario and New York have created a great community around this beauty for families to enjoy. Take a boat trip into the water, stand under one of the falls, and enjoy the other surrounding activities that will amaze everyone in your family.

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