Five Best Summer Spots

Posted on July 15, 2018

That time of year is here again and for many, it feels fleeting. Three months isn’t long enough to soak up the sun on the beach or play with your dog in the park in the middle of the day. With summer halfway over, the chilly winds of fall are just over the horizon, but you still have time. Make the most of the weather and plan a vacation to maximize your relaxation this season. Summer destinations tend to get crowded when everybody heads to the same resort in the Bahamas. This summer try vacationing at one of these hidden gems with the help of your local travel agency in Massachusetts.


Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

While everybody else will be rushing to resort areas like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas this summer, be different. Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich history that would fascinate all tourists. While Xilitla is a small village, it’s home to a strange group of sculptures known as Las Pozas. These sculptures are a surrealist take on the world by Edward James. They include rooftop carvings and a staircase to nowhere. In the mountains surrounding the area, there are natural waterfalls and pools that you can visit.

Paparoa National Park, New Zealand

As if the words “New Zealand” weren’t enough to make you want to visit, Paparoa National Park is a beautiful destination. One of the major reasons to visit this national park is the Pancake Rocks. The rocks are a limestone structure formed from the bodies of marine animals and plants from around 30 million years ago. Aptly named, the rocks look like pancakes.


Hainan Island, China

Known to some as “China’s Hawaii”, Hainan Island is all the beauty with half the tourists getting in your way. With its own volcano park, this island has plenty of sites to see. For those interested in Chinese culture in history, this is the location for you. On Hainan Island, you can visit an ancient Hainanese village and a Shaolin Buddhist temple. Book now with a travel agency in Massachusetts.





Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

For those of you without a passport, there are plenty of beautiful vacation spots stateside. Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio has nearly 200 campsites and cabins in the area. For those who like to rough it, you have the option of campsites with or without electricity and toilets. With striking rock formations like Cantwell Cliffs and Cedar Falls and caves like Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave, there is plenty to see across the 2300 acres of Hocking Hills State Park.




Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Alaska is as far out of the country you can go while staying in the country. Gates of the Arctic National Park is just the place for a summer vacation because how often do you hear the words arctic and summer in the same sentence? This one is for the serious campers. Nearly untouched, the wilderness of the Gates of the Arctic spread over 8.4 million acres. For an adventure like never before with no established trails, you’ve never had a vacation like this.
With a month and a half left of summer, make the most of your time. Pretty soon the weather will start to chill, kids will go back to school, and Halloween will be looking you in the eye. Plan a vacation somewhere you’ve never been. Even better, plan a vacation somewhere nobody else is going to this summer. Call or contact Arpin Travel, the best travel agency in Massachusetts, to help will all your vacation planning needs.

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