Why Go On A River Cruise Vacation

Posted on February 15, 2019

river cruise vacation

With winter well underway most New Englanders are reminiscing of warm sunny days and dreaming of their next getaway. From tropical islands to exotic excursions, on land or water, there is a trip built for everyone.  The term “cruise” sends one imagining a large ship on the ocean filled with onboard itineraries and nights of dancing.  So what is the difference with a river cruise vacation and why would one consider it? Below are a few benefits you may want to consider when thinking of your next water-bound vacation.

Smaller Ships

A river cruise ship generally holds less than 200 passengers. The smaller the number, the greater the attention, in a not so overwhelming way!  Not only will you get to form a relationship with the crew, but also with other passengers.  There are plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet people from all around the globe.  Although you may not consider the social aspect when planning a vacation, it is always enjoyable to make new friends and experience stories from other cultures.  A smaller ship allows you to bump into the same faces for meals, cocktails, or a night of star-gazing.

Guided Excursions

Like all vacations, excursions are a big part of any river cruise.  Every day you are provided the opportunity to go on land and experience the region from a local point of view.  The type of journey you chose will ultimately determine the excursions offered.  You may travel the Mississippi River and stop by New Orleans, or the Douro River and visit Portugal’s wine country, maybe you’re off to the Amazon in South America or more commonly, Europe.  The possibilities are endless.  Unlike most large cruise lines, river cruises include the cost of these adventures in the overall price of the trip.

The Little Details

While aboard you will notice details that may be overlooked on a larger cruise ship.  Lace trimmed ceilings, French doors opening to your private balcony, destination themed dining, and an overall laid-back atmosphere is all to be expected.  Most boats come standard with all-inclusive meals, beverages, and gratuities. Luxury is vital on the river so don’t be fooled by the size of the boat.

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