Holiday Stress? It’s Time to Call Your Massachusetts Travel Agent

Posted on November 15, 2019

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With the holiday season underway, stress levels are on the rise. So, you have a few options to deal with this unnecessary element. First, you can chug through the season with the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, visiting, and being exhausted. Or, you can call your local Massachusetts travel agent, Arpin Travel, and escape the chaos.

Of course, we’re opting for option number 2. I mean, who wouldn’t? Crowds, stress, and sleepless nights or peaceful, relaxing days filled with sunshine, good food, and adventure? If you’re still not convinced, here is a look at a few options that might change your mind.


For the sunshine lovers

A quick trip to your local port will have you boarding a Viking Cruise before you can say, “pass the mashed potatoes and gravy please.” Not only is Viking ranked as one of the top River Cruise Lines, but they also provide their passengers with pristine, award-winning service. From unparalleled staterooms to destination-focused dining, taking a trip along a Viking River or Ocean Cruise will have you relaxed in no time at all.


For the adventurers

If sitting back and relaxing while being pampered isn’t quite your cup of tea, consider a guided tour. An organized tour will provide you the stress-relief from planning while intriguing your inner sense of curiosity. Although there are endless possibilities with this type of vacation, African adventures seem to be trending in popularity. Filled to the brim with incredible sights that you won’t find anywhere else, Africa’s many wonders are only a phone call away. From Uganda to Tanzania, Morocco to South Africa, the wonders await those seeking a bit of adventure.


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For the food connoisseurs

Perhaps the thought of escaping during the holidays is appealing, but you’re thinking about all the good eats you’re going to bypass. No fret! The team at Arpin Travel can arrange to send you on a customized trip filled with authentic food and dining, and don’t forget the vineyards. From France to Italy, we have the needs of your taste buds covered.


For more ideas on how to escape the stress this year, give the team at Arpin Travel a call. As a premier travel agent in Massachusetts, our years of experience have successfully proven time and again to create the vacation getaway that people require. Contact us today and let the stresses fade away (508) 883-1013.

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