How to Survive Long Flights

Posted on June 27, 2016

Europe Vacations from Arpin TravelIf you’re taking one of your first exotic vacations to an international location, you might find yourself dreading the long flight ahead of you. Arpin Travel Services understands the concern! Being cramped in a small space with hundreds of other passengers can be a daunting venture, but we have a few suggestions for making your flight as comfortable as possible.

Utilize your checked bag. Though it might seem convenient to bring a lot with you on the plane, anything stuffed under your seat or the seat in front of you can impede on your space. Pack lightly for your carry-on to avoid this problem.

Bring headphones. No matter how silly it might seem, headphones can be a savior! Whether you’re trying to get some shut eye or there is a fussy child near you, headphones can allow you to escape from the plane and into music or a movie.

Dress comfortably. You will be stuck in a seat for a large portion of this flight, and being in clothes you feel comfortable in is half the battle. Wear a few layers depending on the air conditioning or heat, and be prepared for security with items that can be easily removed.

Move around and stretch. As long as the seat belt sign is off, walking up and down the aisles is usually a smart move. Getting your blood flowing and releasing a little energy can be good when you’re feeling achy from all the sitting.

Bring distractions. Tablets, games, magazines, books, and other items that are small and can be easily kept in your carry-on can save you a lot of boredom if your plane is not equipped with television screens.

Luckily, Arpin Travel Services has experienced travel agents in MA that can offer you all the advice for travel you can imagine. If you’re looking for help to book these flights or with your other vacation plans, give us a call today at (508) 883-1013.

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