What Kids Learn from a Family Vacation

Posted on July 15, 2020

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As a premier travel agency in MA, our team at Arpin is continuously amazed at the stories we hear from our family clients. While many consider vacation a couples time away from “life,” many families look at vacations differently. Family vacations are a magical time of bonding and growing.

Through the stress of planning, packing, and coordinating schedules, nothing compares to the time spent with your children. While trying new things together in a place never before visited, families experience bonding unlike anything achievable at home. In many ways, parents watch their kids grow before their very eyes. Once home, the children seem older, but you’re not sure how it’s possible. The truth is, children take away more from family vacations than most realize. In subtle ways, children learn valuable lessons, and so much more.


If you’re a parent, you’re probably all too familiar with someone not getting their way – especially if you’re a parent of multiple children. While vacations are fun, time and budgets are limited. These trips provide an excellent opportunity for kids to come to agreements. In some instances, the compromise turns out better than the initial preference because it means everyone can have fun!


When traveling together, your children will be responsible for various items throughout the trip, from small carry-on bags to electronics on a flight, choosing what to pack in their suitcase, and more. Vacations teach responsibility with money, belongings, and other essential life skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Depending on the trip, responsibility may even carry into vacation activities. From swimming to attending shows, children hold a level of responsibility during vacation that would not otherwise be present at home.


We get it; this can be a tough one! Though travel is exciting, there is plenty of rushing around to just- wait. Patience is a skill not all adults have, and it can be frustrating to be stuck in one place for some time. Children can begin to exercise this quality, whether in the airport, at a hotel, or waiting in line to order the biggest ice cream they’ve ever seen.


While not everyone has the opportunity to travel, if you do, it’s the perfect reminder to appreciate what life has given. Whether you’re visiting an exotic island, local events, or hopping aboard a cruise, it’s an ideal time to remind children to appreciate not only appreciate what they’re given but also to appreciate the time spent together.

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