Must-Haves for Your European River Cruise Vacation

Posted on December 19, 2016

If you are someone who has never been on a river cruise vacation before, there are plenty of little details Aerial view over the Rhine River with cruise ship in Cologne, Geoverlooked when you do not prepare! Arpin wants our clients to head into their trips feeling educated and ready to explore, and for that, we have a few of must-have items to add to your luggage checklist.

Translation tools

Whether it’s books or applications on your phone, having translation tools can be extremely helpful when you are without a guide from your cruise ship. Even having simple/common phrases in your memory can save you some struggle while you try to get or ask for information that you need.

Local currency

Conversion can often happen in the airports you travel through, but always be sure to take the time to get money sorted before you need to use it! Not all shops/restaurants in Europe take credit cards, and you want to be sure you can afford your meals or souvenirs.

Comfortable shoes

You’ll be doing quite a bit of walking on the guided tours that are complimentary to your ship service, and you’ll surely be doing some exploring as well! Having a pair of comfortable sneakers can make even a long day of sightseeing easier.

Plug adapters

Do you plan on staying in hotels before or after your cruise? Though many of these ships have the correct adapters, if you plan on doing extensive traveling while in Europe, be sure your phones are charged and available in case of emergency.

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