Must-See Attractions on Your China Vacation

Posted on October 23, 2015

China vacation from Arpin TravelWhen it comes to planning a vacation to and exploring the vast continent of Asia, one can be overwhelmed by the options available to them. There are many travel options available to prospective tourists for travelling to one of the most densely populated continents in terms of cultural heritage and historical landmarks! From the Great Wall of China, to the high walls of the Forbidden Palace, we have numerous travel packages available to make sure that your vacation isn’t only fun, but informative too. We’ve assembled a list of three attractions and locations worth checking out during your China vacation.

Potala Palace

You can’t grasp the inherent beauty of this historical landmark until you’re able to gaze upon it with your own eyes. The Potala Palace casts a dramatic image against the beautiful mountain landscape behind it. The site of the historical Dalai Lama’s residence until the 15th Dalai Lama’s exile to India, the palace is a testament to 17th century Chinese architects at the height of their craft. The palace rises over 300 feet off the ground, and features white sloped walls, and nearly 200,000 historical statues. The palace earns an easy place on your list of attractions during your China vacation.

Terra Cotta Army

Unearthed by farmers in 1979, the Terra Cotta Army is a striking example of China’s funerary customs at the height of their historical power. Nearly 7,000 figures of soldiers, horses, chariots, and generals, all life size, stand at attention, arranged in formation. The striking historical site grants the modern world a window into the history of the China’s powerful dynasties throughout history.

Temple of Heaven

Also known as the ‘Altar of Heaven,’ this structure was erected during medieval times in central Beijing. The temple shares the same architect who designed the Forbidden City, another key Chinese landmark for tourists. Featuring ornate woodwork and careful attention to detail, the temple is a breathtaking example of Chinese architecture, and definitely worth a visit during your China vacation.

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