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Posted on January 25, 2021

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For many of us, searching for a travel agency in Boston seems like a dream these days. However, while traveling the world may seem a luxury of the past, rest assured that our team at Arpin Travel is still here for you! A recent study showed that many Americans plan to travel domestically through the first half of the year. Even more feel comfortable with international travel after the vaccine is readily available. No matter where you stand, there is always a destination ahead.

Here is a look at a few top 2021 travel destinations:

Zion National Park in Utah

Tired of being stuck indoors? If so, Utah’s first national park should do the trick. Zion National Park invites you to explore the paths where ancient native and pioneers walked. While gazing at the sandstone cliffs, you’ll get lost in the breathtaking beauty of plants as the natural wonder enchants your senses. If you’re not familiar with the park but love nature, take the time to check out this video for an inside peek.

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Hawaiian Islands

If you missed our previous article, yes, the long relaxing days of a Hawaiian vacation are back! As one of the most geographically isolated places on Earth, we couldn’t think of a better getaway right now. Unique history combined with breathtaking beauty, the seven islands graciously await your arrival.

New Zealand

Although Americans can’t quite jump the gun on booking this trip, New Zealand is at the top of the bucket list for many travelers. From sunsets on the beach to some of the best food and wine in the world, there is no shortage of marvels here. Swimming, surfing, hiking, dining, exploring history, and just straight up relaxing – New Zealand has it all.

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As one of the first countries to reopen its borders to American travelers, Mexico remains a popular destinations. With prestigious beaches and plenty of adventure, Mexico is not only an attainable vacation these days, but it generally proves to be an affordable one as well! It’s important to keep in mind that as a large country, there are several regions with several offerings. If you’re not quite sure which part of Mexico best suits your needs, give your Boston travel agent a call for the best advice!

Notriphobia: is the fear of not having any trips booked. Don’t let this happen to you.

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