How to Pack for Exotic Vacations

Posted on December 15, 2018

Planning exotic vacations can be so much fun. You get to pick a place you’ve always dreamt of seeing and then make that dream a reality. However, especially for those who don’t travel often, packing can dampen that fun. It can be tricky knowing what you’ll need and what you can get away with leaving behind. Plus, getting all the necessities into your luggage and carry-on can feel like Tetris for an unpracticed hand. If you’re heading on vacation, here are five tips to make your packing more efficient.

Check the Weather

Once you have your location and dates set, the weather is going to play the most significant factor in how you pack. You should check ahead of booking to make sure it’s a good time of year but always double-check. Whether you use the weather app or Google, look up the weather conditions about a week before you leave. This will give you an accurate estimate for what you’re dealing with.

Think About Your Plans

Exotic vacations are meant to try things you’ve never done before. There’s a good chance that you have a checklist or itinerary of everything you want to do or see while you’re away. By knowing ahead of time what activities you’ll partake in, you can plan out what you’ll need. If you’re spending the day on a beach, you’ll want to pack a towel and umbrella. If you’re hiking, you’ll want boots and a water bottle.

Plan the Outfits

Everyone imagines what they’ll wear on vacation. People tend to want to wear cute and comfortable clothes while they’re experiencing the world. Instead of packing a different outfit for every day, make the most of the outfits you bring. Don’t be afraid to re-wear clothes, especially pants. Plus, you’ll probably buy clothes while you’re there so keep that in mind.

Leave the Toiletries at Home

Never worry about toiletries. Almost any hotel you’ll stay at comes equipped with soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and the works. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll have chances to buy these products in shops in your area. Packing toiletries takes up room in your bags that you could use for souvenirs on your way home.

Pack Light

Packing light is the key to success. If your bag is filled to the top, there’s potential for you to cut back. As much as you want to bring that one accessory you got a few months ago and never got a chance to wear, you probably won’t wear it on vacation either. Stick to the necessities and keep it light.
When you’re preparing for exotic vacations, nothing should bring your spirit down. Packing can both heighten your excitement and stress you out. If you keep these five tips in mind while packing, there’s no way you can go wrong. For travel services near you, contact Arpin Travel at 508-883-1013 or visit us online.

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