Plan the Gift of Travel With Arpin!

Posted on November 21, 2016

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be racking your brain to choose the perfect gift for your family member or significant other. Arpin Travel Services understands- it can be hard to find a physical item for someone that is both personal and worthy of their possession. For that very reason, we can think of one awesome way to give your loved one an experience they may have never had before: an exotic vacation!Plan Your Next Vacation

We know, we know- it can seem like a huge commitment and cost lots of money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you book your vacations with an experienced travelagent in Massachusetts like Arpin, you are getting access to some of the best locations and prices around since we have years of service and positive business relationships that allow us to help you get the best deal we possibly can.

Here are some steps we suggest taking before booking your trip:

  • (Subtly) Try to do some recon for a particular place he/she wants to visit. Did they mention loving Spain from when they studied abroad? Do they dream of relaxing on a Caribbean beach?
  • If you plan on booking the traveling soon after giving the gift, ensure your loved one is ready to go. That includes solidifying vacation time, passports, special events, and other external factors that could make a big difference in plans.
  • Learn about what they would like to do on a trip. Would your special someone want to explore ancient cities, or are they interested in a commercial cruise with all the amenities? The vacation possibilities are endless.
  • Ask Arpin to help fill in the blanks. A little downtime during your trip is a good thing, but asking for suggestions of some great places to visit can contribute to keeping you busy on your trip and also get you some great deals for it!

If you’re looking to surprise your loved one this holiday season, or even give yourself the gift of a great vacation, please call Arpin Travel Services today at (508) 883-1013.

Please call us directly at (508) 883-1013 to discuss your next travel plans.