Reasons to Take a River Cruise Vacation

Posted on May 22, 2017

Arpin Travel Services tells our customers all the time about the various trips we can book them as European vacationtheir go-to travel agent in MA. With so many places to see and visit, we understand that you might be unsure of where you want to spend your time. For those indecisive clients, we often suggest a river cruise vacation. Now, hear us out. There are plenty of reasons to consider booking one, and we can think of just a few off the top of our heads.

It’s intimate

Though the big, ocean cruise ships are ideal for those who are looking for the experience with all the extensive amenities, they don’t compare to the close and comfortable feelings you get on a river cruise ship. Because of the limited space on the main rivers, many carry less than 200 passengers and allow you to get to know your neighbors.

Many focus on adults

Disney cruises are great when you have a family to tend to, but what about those who want to enjoy the company of other adults? Many river cruises are designated or designed for adults, meaning you will have a chance to enjoy your vacation with others who are in similar stages of life.

You have time to relax

With many holidays, you might feel like you’re on the go the entire time and barely have a moment to enjoy yourself. Lack of “you time” is not a worry with river cruises. Though many tours are complimentary, you are free to come and go from the ship as it’s docked. You can spend time however you desire.

There are so many places to explore!

River cruises can bring you around an entire continent, all while you sleep during the travel. As one of the most efficient ways to see so many places at once, you will never be short of amazed by all you can fit in and accomplish during a river cruise.

If a river cruise feels like an excellent fit for your next vacation, great! Arpin Travel Services would be happy to help you book a memorable and exciting trip. For more information, please contact us today by calling (508) 883-1013.

Please call us directly at (508) 883-1013 to discuss your next travel plans.