Release Your Inner Viking on a Viking River Cruise

Posted on October 20, 2015

Viking river cruises from ArpinSure, you might not necessarily be a descendant of Erik the Red, and you probably don’t have the insatiable urge to loot and pillage monasteries along the coast of the British Isles. But somewhere in you, there’s the desire to see new places, explore the rich cultural heritage of Europe, and do it all from the comfortable deck of a ship. Well, Arpin Travel can help you realize your Viking river cruise dreams.

Rivers have functioned as the lifeblood of Europe’s trade and travel for thousands of years. Because many European cities were initially settled close to rivers for their utilitarian needs, the benefit is that much of Europe’s largest centers of culture are networked through these waterways. Viking River Cruises are equipped to exploit that fact, and the end result is that you, the traveler, are able to make your way through Europe without ever stepping foot on a train or a car.

And yet, unlike a cruise ship, you are never pinned down to your cabin or the leisure deck for excessive amounts of time. Land is always in view, and your destinations are plentiful and varied. You never feel disconnected from the continent because you’re at the heart of it.

Finally, the unique longships that ferry you throughout your journey are just as well equipped as some luxury resorts or hotels. Their unique construction emphasizes the features on the banks of the river as you travel throughout Europe. Perhaps the best part of booking these kinds of cruises is that you have so many options available to you. Whether it’s exploring Germany, Austria, and Hungary, or being whisked up into the Netherlands to lay eyes on the country’s famed windmills and tulips first hand, there’s a Viking river cruise that can suit your needs.

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