Sunset Photography Tips

Posted on February 6, 2017

So, you finally decided to make the commitment and call Arpin Travel Services to book one of our Sunset Photographyexotic vacations. We couldn’t be more excited for you to take this new, fun journey and see some of the many photos you will take! If there is one thing we see a lot of, it is great sunset pictures. If you’re still perfecting your camera skills for your vacationing in the future, here are a few tips to capture the moment just right.

Take photos of more than just the beach

When many people think about taking pictures of the sunset, they automatically think of the beach. Try a different setting for your photography, and you might be surprised to learn that an even more beautiful setting is away from the ocean or mountain range.

 Pay attention to exposure

You might have noticed some photos come out more vibrant than others, and the issue happens because they are underexposed. By underexposing your photos, you can pick up those vibrant and beautiful colors that make the sunset so memorable.

Wait for clouds

You’d be surprised how having a partially cloudy sunset can create some stunning photos. With just a few clouds in the sky, you will be able to capture some striking colors and contrast without the clouds hiding the sun.

Take off your sunglasses

This tip should happen when posing for photos and taking them! You might forget they are on your face, but your lenses will make your photos seem dark. You might try to remedy that with flash or other camera settings. Trust us, the difference in quality will be noticeable.

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