Take the Stress Out of Packing for Your Exotic Vacations.

Posted on April 25, 2022

You may know which exotic vacations you want to book, but what about packing? While you save money and stress when booking with us at Arpin, don’t underestimate the stress of packing! Are you an over-packer? Or do you always forget your toothbrush? Here are a few ways to take the stress out of packing for your next vacation! 

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Packing Tips

First things first–what size suitcase and how many suitcases will you need? This will be determined based on the length of your vacation, the physical location, and the planned activities. Will you be staying somewhere warm, tropical, balmy? Packing may seem less daunting without the extra layers needed for the cooler weather. However, be sure to check out the weather forecast for the timeframe of your trip.

Pro Tip: Packing clothing, shoes, and toiletries in packing cubes can help organize your suitcase and keep items clean and protected. 

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When Flying: 

Even if you only need one large suitcase, you should plan on packing a few extra outfits, and some TSA-approved travel products in a carry-on. Here is a complete list of items you can and can’t pack when flying. 

When Going on a Cruise:

If you are planning a cruise, packing an extra carry-on may not apply to you, however, get familiar with the activities, what dress codes may be required, and what you can and cannot bring on your cruise. 

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Where Are The Tickets?

Of course, that’s not usually something we all worry about nowadays, thanks to digital apps and wallets on our phones. However, if you tend to be someone who *forgets* things like your phone charger, it’s always best to plan ahead! Print out any documents you may need to board ahead of time and keep them handy when checking into your flight. Placing all printed documents in a bright-colored folder is a good way to keep track of things. Finally, always have your ID and Passport in hand when at the airport, and keep these items safely locked away when not in use, especially when traveling internationally.

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Book Your Exotic Vacations

Are you ready for stress-free, exotic vacations? No matter the destination, Arpin Travel is here to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime! We offer peace of mind every step of the way by planning everything from flights and hotel accommodations to rental car reservations and excursions! 

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