Tips for Packing Lighter

Posted on October 4, 2016

No matter if you’re packing for exotic vacations, destination weddings, and more, many of us face the same issue of packing just a little too much. Meeting those maximum requirements without going over can be stressful! Arpin Travel Services has been around the block a few times, and we have a few tips to help you pack light for your next big vacation.

Make a packing list

If there is one way to cut down on what you bring, it can be to create a list that shows you just how much you want to pack. Creating a list for your travels can help you compromise on what you do and do not need by seeing all of your items in one space.clip0078

Choose a smaller bag

There has always been a trick with dieting to use a smaller plate to make your portions feel bigger and the same can be said for luggage! Using a smaller bag makes you become creative with your packing choices, and ultimately helps you cut back on what you bring.

Buy travel-sized toiletries

We know that hotel shampoos are small, but there are some great products at your local supermarket that are right in the middle. Invest in a few medium-sized toiletry containers to fill with your favorite essentials and avoid the bulk of full-sized bottles.

Avoid packing the night before

We’ve all done it before, and saved our packing for the last possible second. Packing the night before can go one of two ways: helping you pack too little or too much. Set out your clothes a few days before, and rethink items you might be able to take out.

Consider destinations with laundry

One awesome feature of many hotels nowadays are suites with washers and dryers! Forget the worry of having to re-wear clothes or packing extras to avoid it. Doing a load of laundry while away can save you time and space in your suitcase.

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