Travel Safety Tips

Posted on August 24, 2016

As a company who has helped hundreds of travelers book their ideal European river cruise vacations in past years, we have heard the concerns about keeping these scheduled trips after recent attacks in Europe. Arpin Travel never wants our clients to do something they are uncomfortable with, and we also know there are many who wish to keep their vacation as-is. All we ever want is for our customers to remain safe from beginning to end of their trips, and have a few suggestions to do just that.

Europe Vacations from Arpin TravelContact the State Department

As a way of keeping citizens informed while abroad, using the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program can send you alerts about possible concerns in European countries. This can help you avoid potentially dangerous areas.

Be sure your phone works

Whether you decide on extending to your network’s international plan or buying a local SIM card, it’s important that your phone is accessible in times of need. This can be used to both contact authorities and concerned family.

Have important international contacts saved

Research local authority and US Embassy information for all countries you are to travel to. Nearly every country is different, and being able to reach government officials offers you peace of mind while you travel.

Always know your exits

Europe is known for their public transit, so always know your exit in any given situation. When you’re in crowded areas, you can keep yourself safe by simply being aware of who and what’s around you.

Provide your family with an itinerary

Even if you make it through your travels unharmed, you might have family that is worried sick about you at home. Giving your loved ones an outline of your trip can help ease their worries, know where you are, and know you are safe.

Ask questions about your travel insurance

Travel insurance is often suggested, and even possibly encouraged. Be sure you understand their policies and if it covers medical expenses. This is a great asset to have any time you travel, and could save you exponential amounts of money.

We wouldn’t be a go-to travel agency in Massachusetts if we weren’t always up-to-date on the latest news and changes happening in the traveling industry. Arpin Travel Services is happy to answer any and all questions we can regarding your European vacation. Feel free to call us at (508) 883-1013 to speak with our experts.

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