Travel to Europe. Is It A Go?

Posted on October 25, 2021

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As the number travel agency in Boston, our family at Arpin Travel understands how anxious people are to start traveling again. While many countries have opened their borders to U.S. Citizens, others remain closed or under tight restrictions. With the recent updates for European travel, our professionals take an in-depth look at what you need to know.


On August 30th, a little more than two months after being placed on the safe-list, Europe removed the United States. However, many countries have been given leniency to mandate restrictions as they see fit. While the council recommends that only essential vaccinated travelers be allowed to enter the countries, the final say – as of now – is below.


Sweden and Bulgaria

If either of these destinations were on your list, unfortunately, plans will need adjusting. Despite any factors, these two countries have placed a complete ban on incomers from the United States.


Italy, Germany, France, and Spain

But it’s not all bad news. These four countries have allowed their borders to remain open but with restrictions. Currently, only fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed to visit.



Regardless of vaccination status, Portugal remains open to all visitors. That is, upon proof of a negative COVID test at arrival.



Travelers from the United States may enter Greece without quarantine restrictions. However, be forewarned that targeted rapid checks are being carried out at entry points, and designated quarantine hotels are in place should you test positive. Further, a negative PCR test within 72 hours before travel or proof of full vaccination from an approved company. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson + Johnson included.


Of course, there are many more countries to cover. However, touching upon the most popular gives you an idea of what you may face when deciding to travel internationally.


Returning to the United States.

Let’s say you bite the bullet and decide to take the flight. While facing the foreign country’s requirements is one element, as of November, there are new policies for those returning to the United States as well.

Currently, all passengers over the age of two boarding a flight must produce a negative test taken in the previous three days. Starting in November, if the traveler is not vaccinated, the test requirement changes to one day, and a second test must be taken before returning home. Further, the CDC highly recommends that return passengers obtain a third test three to five days after their return home.


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