Why Use a Travel Agent?

Posted on January 18, 2018

You might be thinking that travel agents are relics of the past. Why hire someone to do what you can simply do online? The answer is simple—you can’t do all that travel agents do. It’s worth hiring someone with expertise in order to have a perfect vacation.

A travel agent is your personal vacation shopper and advocate all in one. Your agent can find the best deals for you and will negotiate a better deal when possible. Your agent will also be able to take your input on what you’d like in a vacation, and use that information to find possibilities that might not have crossed your mind. You might be able to find the same deals with in-depth research, but when you consider the hours you’d need to put into this research, you’ll find it’s cost-effective just to hire a travel agent to help you out.

A travel agent can also ensure a seamless transition from traveling to lodging. Imagine your plane landing, a car waiting for you, and a hotel prepared for you no matter what time of day you’ve arrived. It takes a lot of coordination to get all these details working seamlessly, but a travel agent can manage it for you with ease.

If you’re heading to a popular tourist destination, you probably want to do more than just the typical things every traveler will check out. Your travel agent will likely know a lot about your destination and can suggest some hidden gems you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. This is a great way to discover unique experiences for your vacation.

A travel agent is also useful for helping you coordinate large groups or international travel. There are a lot of logistics that go into managing a large group of people, and while you might be able to handle your own trip, can you keep track of ten or twenty itineraries? The same issue can arise with international travel. Besides keeping track of your luggage and your passport, you’ll need to be aware of laws and customs in foreign countries. A travel agent can help you prepare and fit into new cultures.

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