Ways to Travel on a Budget

Posted on June 10, 2016

Arpin Travel Services has been a travel agent in Massachusetts long enough to know that Millennials truly appreciate the idea of travel. It wouldn’t be the first time we worked with young people in finding a European vacation of their dreams, but there are plenty of ways to travel oEurope Vacations from Arpin Traveln a budget you might not have considered before.

Research hostels. Europe is known for their hostels, and sometimes they have a negative stigma when in reality, many of these hostels are perfectly safe and clean. What is most important is doing your research before you get there. There are plenty of reliable reviews of hostels in the cities you wish to visit, and will save you money over hotels.

Get to know the locals. Some of the best adventures you can have while on a vacation are a little off the beaten path traveled by tourists. Locals often know the best places to eat, the best activities, and the best places to stay. They often avoid areas that are populated by visitors and might have less expensive alternatives for you.

Volunteer. Instead of spending astronomical amounts of money on activities while you travel, you might find all the thrill you are searching for by volunteering with local schools or organizations within the country. Not only do you get a true taste of local culture, you might get to experience something you never would otherwise.

Invest time in nature. Many local parks and other outdoor activities, such as hiking or swimming, are free. Not only do you get to see the beauty of the country you are visiting, you are able to save some of your money for other adventures or vacations.

If you’re less concerned with the details and need a little assistance, Arpin Travel Services is the travel agent in MA to help you find that sweet spot between seeing the world and saving some money for when you return home. For more questions about our services, give us a call today at (508) 883-1013.

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