What to Expect on a River Cruise Vacation

Posted on April 20, 2016

river cruises
Arpin Travel Services has been helping vacationers book river cruises for years and we consider ourselves experts in irreplaceable ways of travel. River cruises are a great way to see different parts of the world and are offered in nearly every continent you wish to visit. There are plenty of expectations about traditional cruise ships that travel the ocean, but there are plenty of great qualities to expect on river cruises around the world.


A cozy atmosphere. River boats are significantly smaller in size compared to large cruise ships. The extravagant amenities of multiple casinos, restaurants, and activities on board the board are put aside for a modest common spaces and somewhere between 90-250 guests aboard.


See astonishing and historic cities. Large commercial cruise ships are unable to reach the inland areas of the world and often stick to large cities touching the ocean to dock. River cruises, specifically in Europe, allow you to explore beautiful cities many never get the chance to visit.


An attentive crew/staff. With so few aboard these small ships, you can anticipate a hospitable and friendly crew. You will get to know those around you on a more personal level, and even gain a little insight to the cultures they grew up in or have seen on these tours before.


More personalized tours. Often with large cruise ships there are expeditions, but they often do not move far inland from the cruise ship, and last only a few hours at a time. River cruises are known for giving detailed and exciting tours in these fascinating and underrated cities.


Calmer waters. If seasickness deters you from a traditional cruise, a river cruise could be a great alternative. With less intense, choppy waters and frequent stops, you are able to enjoy the pleasures of a boat without fearing constant illness.


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