How to Pack For Exotic Vacations

Posted on February 15, 2020

Packing for exotic vacations can be stressful. Some might even say that the process puts a damper on a trip before the fun even truly begins! From the unpredictable question of weather, activities, and amenities available once you arrive, to dining out; the options are overwhelming.

Many people try to pack efficiently and avoid the added expense of checking an extra bag (or two) on a plane. So, what are you to do? Well fret no more, because our team has your answers! Exotic vacations encompass traveling to any number of wonderful places.  For the sake of this article, and being in the midst of a cold New England weather, we’re going to assume your travels are bringing you somewhere warm!  Here are a few essentials to help you prepare, stay comfortable, and destress!


Whether you’re lounging near the ocean or adventuring into the culture, staying comfortable is key.  By packing shorts, light weight shirts, sundresses, sandals, and socks you’re sure to have the basis covered for warmer climates.  However, keep in mind any special dinners or occasions that may call for collared shirts or casual attire.  Although unlikely, the last thing you want is to be turned away for dress code.

Two bathing suits

Having a second bathing suit can save you time and added stress. Exotic vacations are known for water activities, and having two options (especially while one is drying in your hotel room) can be a lifesaver!  Be sure to pack one in your suitcase and one on your carry-on as you never know where you luggage may end up!

Active wear

Though you can expect sitting in the sun and even swimming with exotic fish, there is always room for adventure. Many exotic trips involve hiking and other activities that require a good pair of running sneakers and comfortable shorts.  In order to save luggage space, consider wearing your sneakers on the plane.

Prepare for weather 

Our New England seasons are much different than weather in other regions.  Thus, it’s not unrealistic to experience hot, humid days with chilly evenings, as well as unpredictable storms. Be sure to pack at least one pair of jeans and a sweater or jacket, “just in case.” However, if luggage size is a concern, these are all items that are easily worn as your traveling outfit.

The little things matter

Beyond clothing, there are a few creature comforts you’ll want to remember as well:

  • Camera. Capturing the beautiful scenery and memorable moments is a must!
  • Sun protection. This includes sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. Don’t allow a severe sunburn to impede on your good time, be prepared and protected for your entire trip.
  • Water bottle. Going from extreme cold to heat is a sure way to become dehydrated.  Having a water in tow will is exactly what you need to stay hydrated during the day or when you have limited access to drinking water.

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