Where Should Your Next Getaway Be?

Posted on October 15, 2018

If you have a love for adventure, you’re already planning your next great getaway. In a world like ours with so much variety, it can be hard to narrow down where you want to go. Exotic vacations take many different shapes and sizes. With nowhere off-limits, the possibilities are endless. You can go on a safari in Africa or a hike through the United Kingdom. Just thinking of the places you’ll go, and sites you’ll see should excite you. When it comes to travel in October, we’ve narrowed down a few destinations you may want to visit when the travel bug bites.


Botswana lies right in the heart of Africa and is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife in existence. If you’re ready for the safari of a lifetime, this is the place you want to see. With hunting in Africa still raising concerns, the Okavango Delta has one of the most successful conservations in the world. Your safari is sure to show you all the animals you’ve dreamed about.


The Greek Islands

If you want to escape the dropping temperatures of the United States, head to the Greek Islands for October. The best thing about the Greek Islands is the variety. Want art? Head to Kastellorizo. Want ancient ruins? Head to Rhodes. Want Lindsay Lohan dancing on a yacht? Head to Mykonos. There’s something for everybody in the Greek Islands.


The Lake District, United Kingdom

There’s no place like the UK’s Lake District in autumn. The leaves are changing, giving new life to the mountains and lakes you can explore. Though what they say about rain in the United Kingdom is true, pack an umbrella for this once in a lifetime experience.


Taipei, Taiwan

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is anything but stuck in the past. Taipei is the place to head if you want a little of that old world Taoist temples, but also a beautiful city skyline speckled with skyscrapers. Another bonus to the lush Taipei is its lack of tourism. So many Americans run to Tokyo, but Taipei is just as much beauty with half as many people in the way.



How’s a remote kingdom set in the Himalayas sound for exotic vacations? Bhutan isn’t exactly friendly to tourists and put a daily tariff on visitors, but it’s worth it. Due to the tariff, you won’t see your average tourist destination. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery and peaks of the mountains are just the starts of a vacation in Bhutan.

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