Why Ireland is Perfect for Your First International Vacation

Posted on March 10, 2016

Ireland vacations from Arpin Travel
Sitting on a beach in Mexico is a great way to spend a week, but if you’re willing to take a step out of your comfort zone, maybe consider an Ireland vacation. For anyone who has been dying to travel the world but doesn’t know where to start, Ireland is a great first trip to take. There are plenty of reasons to consider this European country, and we have three great reasons it should be your first stop of many.


Small language barriers. Aside from the few who speak Gaelic or are from other European countries, English is the standard nearly everywhere in Ireland. Asking for directions, suggestions, or chatting with locals is simple if you can understand one another through your various accents. Not to mention, the Irish are welcoming and wonderful hosts within their own country!


Kind of like home, but not really. Culture shock won’t be nearly as prevalent, which might come in handy when considering multiple trips outside of the United States. Though other continents might be a fun adventure, sometimes we have to take small jumps before giant leaps. Ireland is enough like home to feel comfortable in your surroundings but different enough to really enjoy the cultural differences between your home and this country.


Great history. The United States is historic in it’s own right, but there is never an opportunity like visiting a country with thousands of year’s worth of history that can be traced back to your ancestry. Get lost in small villages or in their biggest cities, because every inch of Ireland has a story waiting to be heard, and one that could be connected to your family’s past.


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