Yes, U.S. Citizens Can Travel Right Now!

Posted on October 15, 2020

As the top travel agency in Massachusetts, our phone is ringing off the hook at Arpin Travel. Like everyone, we’ve had enough of 2020 and understand the dire need to get out of town! So, to answer the most popular question of the day – yes, there are several destinations in which you can travel during COVID-19!

Although there are restrictions, many countries are reopening their doors to United States citizens. Yay, we agree! In this article, we’re providing you with a few of those destinations and what you need to do to prepare for an uninterrupted getaway.


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Although the borders are open, all U.S. travelers must present a negative COVID-19 test result, taken within seven days of the scheduled flight. Visitors are further subject to monitoring by health officials for 14 days upon arrival, and another test may be required. If a second test is mandated while visiting, be prepared to quarantine while you await the results.



Similarly, Aruba also requires a negative COVID-19 test result. However, this test may be taken before or upon arrival. If you choose to test upon arrival, you will be required to quarantine until the results are available. Beyond testing, visitors age 15 and older must fill out a health assessment and purchase Aruba visitors insurance.

Before planning your trip, be sure to visit the Aruba tourism site. As some U.S. states are considered a higher risk than others, some residents are required further screening. Good news – New England is in the clear as of September 24th.


The Bahamas

If the sun-kissed sands of the Bahama Islands are what you seek, be ready to request your online health visa before traveling. From there, you’ll upload your negative COVID-19 test result, which should be dated no more than five days before your scheduled departure.

Depending on how soon you leave – hotel guests must remain in place for two weeks. However, the government has plans to lift this quarantine as of November 1st.


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Barbados & Bermuda

While the doors are open in these countries, be prepared to provide a negative test result before, be tested again upon arrival, quarantine while awaiting the second results, pay additional costs for travel authorizations, and be subject to further testing after days 3, 7, and 14.

Up to you, but we’d hold off on these beauties for the time being.


Dominican Republic

One of the few, the Dominican no longer requires proof of a negative test result upon entry. Instead, authorities will give breath tests to no more than 10% of randomly selected passengers, as well as anyone showing symptoms. This randomized test is in conjunction with temperature scans of all those requesting entry.


Tahiti and Bora Bora

If exotic is in your plans – the French Polynesia is just the place. U.S. travelers are required to present a negative test result within 72 hours of departure and must complete a “sanitary entry form” that details your current health.


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If fun in the sun isn’t quite your idea of a getaway, good news – U.S. travelers were always welcome in Ireland! However, you must undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. We could think of worse places to be “stuck”!



The time is past due for a trip out of town. Contact your trusted travel agency in Massachusetts today, Arpin Travel, and set your plans in motion. Whether it’s a quick weekend abroad or the exotic vacation you’ve dreamed about, we’re here to help you get there safely and seamlessly!

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